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Therapeutic Elementary Alternative Programs

The Therapeutic Elementary Alternative Programs (TEAP) provide comprehensive educational and therapeutic services for students in grades K-6 whose social, emotional and/or academic delays and challenges inhibit their success in the general educational setting. Students may present with difficulties in the areas of language development, cognition, sensory integration, and social/behavioral skills related to Communication Impairment, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and/or Neurological Impairments.

The TEAP program is designed to incorporate learning that meets students’ individual needs, allowing them to see their true potential while having inclusion opportunities within a public school setting. A range of services including direct social skills instruction, speech and language services, and counseling are provided by a multi-disciplinary team in one setting so that optimal learning is possible. 

A small staff to student ratio allows for personalized and individualized teaching. The program emphasizes the use of assistive and instructional technology and multi-sensory instruction to foster active engagement in academic, social, and emotional learning. 

Students are supported through a variety of incentives and positive support plans, both individual and classroom based. Once students have demonstrated the ability to regulate behaviors within the smaller classroom setting, they may have the opportunity to mainstream into a general education classroom within the public school setting. 

RELATED SERVICES are provided based on each student’s IEP team’s recommendations.

The goal of the TEAP program is to help students experience growth and success, improve their sense of self worth both academically and socially, and eventually return to their home district.   



Blackstone-Millville Elementary School
  • Therapeutic Elementary Alternative Program
  • Beatrice H. Wood School
  • Therapeutic Elementary Alternative Program
  • Anna Ware Jackson School
  • Therapeutic Elementary Alternative Program
  • Bi-County Regional Education Center
  • Summit Elementary Learning Center
  • Delaney Vogel School
  • Therapeutic Elementary Alternative Program
  • Program placement for Interim Alternative Education Setting is determined on an individual basis.
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