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Therapeutic Education Program

The Therapeutic Education Program (TEP) serves middle school aged students who present with neurological, social, communication and learning challenges.

The program provides a highly structured environment designed to assist students in learning academic content, perspective-taking skills, problem-solving skills, self-control, coping strategies, and acceptable social behaviors. Goals for students include the development of organizational skills, self-advocacy skills, confidence, and relationship building with peers and adults as well as preparation for success at the high school level. Throughout the program, emphasis is placed on students developing self-respect and becoming responsible learners who contribute to their class and school community in positive ways.

Although the program provides specialized instructional approaches for academics, socialization, and behavior, the curriculum remains rigorous for each student. The program is aligned with the MA Common Core Standards. Modifications and accommodations are designed to match each individual student’s learning style and profile to ensure success accessing the curriculum. Depending on the level of skills development, students participate in the MCAS Assessment with or without accommodations, or the MCAS Alternate Assessment.

The teaching team at TEP strives to develop close working relationships with their students and encourages team-building activities. Since parents or guardians are considered partners in the educational process, trusting and supportive relationships are fostered between the student, school staff and parent/guardian.

RELATED SERVICES: Speech and language, physical and occupational therapy and counseling are available as needed. 


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  • Therapeutic Education Program
  • Program placement for Interim Alternative Education Setting is determined on an individual basis.
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