Summit High School

The Summit High School program  is designed to provide educational services to students in grades 9-12 who cannot be educated in a public school setting due to significant difficulties that may include behavioral disregulation, neurological and/or emotional impairment. Summit students may also present with learning difficulties and/or social challenges which interfere with their academic and social success.

A high staff to student ratio provides a safe, structured, predictable environment.  The curriculum focuses on project-based, differentiated learning that incorporates those skills necessary to successfully function independently in life. Positive behavioral supports are used with a focus on self-reflection and goal setting to help students develop self-esteem and to develop coping skills that can be carried over into real life situations.

The Summit staff participates in ongoing weekly clinical consultation with a child psychologist, Board Certified Behavior Analyst, as well as a child psychiatrist in order to develop individualized positive intervention plans for each student. 

Communication with parents and other service providers, such as therapists and physicians, is an essential component of the program services and assists in the quality management of individual treatment plans. Parents may be asked to participate in clinical consultation meetings. Parents and districts can also request a meeting with program consultants.

The outcomes of the Summit program include transition to a less restrictive environment, improved use of coping skills, self-confidence, participation in community based activities, diploma or Certificate of Attendance.

RELATED SERVICES: Students attending Summit may receive a variety of related services including occupational therapy, speech & language therapy, and physical therapy, as specified in their Individualized Education Programs (IEP).  Students also have access to an onsite School Adjustment Counselor, school nurse and an array of transition services.